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Culture Shock is a video marketing team that drives change through storytelling. We specialise in Health, Education and Multicultural Marketing. We generate a real impact by working with you to create, grow, optimise and amplify your brand. Culture Shock provides end-to-end services from strategy to videos production and campaign execution.

We believe in inclusive and multicultural marketing with a passion to help people live a better quality of life. We believe in collaborating closely with our clients to deliver a tailored, engaging experience for your audiences that drives real-world actions. Our methods are proven digital marketing solutions that we have tried and tested ourselves.

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Our first focus is on understanding your audience and their needs, and developing a strategy that will connect with them. we don’t just jump into production – we do the thinking and planning up front in order to deeply connect with the audience and drive actions.

Social media is an ever-changing environment, and we work hard to stay ahead of the curve, and design story-driven content for mobile that will work for social and digital. this approach consistently delivers better results on social media.

We are continually testing and learning, within and across projects, optimising as we go. as a small, lean team, we’re able to share insights and learnings and make make changes over the course of minutes, not days or weeks. that way content and campaigns are the best they can be.

Come speak to us about how to get cut through with video and content marketing to deliver on your vision.

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Nature Tourism Campaign – Facebook

Video Views
1 M
Post engagements
1 K

Digital Advance Care Plan – Lead Generation

Increase in conversions
1 %

HIV home testing kit for NSW Health

Website Registrations
1 x

Travel Health Checklist 

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Culture Shock is an independent digital marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. Over three short years we have built our reputation on creating campaigns that grow real relationships between businesses and their audiences and drive action. 

Our mission is to help people businesses and organisations connect with and help their customers live better lives. 

We believe that content is key to marketing and storytelling belongs at the heart of all content. We collaborating closely with our clients to develop tailored, engaging experiences for customers that drive real-world actions.

We are constantly immersed in social media and we operate in a space that exposes us to innovative approaches and content across the globe, which we apply to our clients marketing.

We look for opportunities to not just to fulfil a short term campaign need but to drive best practice and capability for the future success of the whole business.



Out of respect for people’s time (or lack thereof), we keep digital properties simple, UX intuitive, UI clean and attractive, content designed according to the needs of the user. 


In a world of sameness, one must stick out from the crowd and establish a strong brand. Our goal is to extract that differentiator and highlight it while supporting it with a leading brand presence. 


‘Best practice’ is all around us in many forms. Absorbing inspiration, looking at the innovators and adapting it to the business and the brand allows us to achieve excellent outcomes in a lean operation. However, we never infringe copyright or intellectual property.


We also run projects according to Agile / Lean methodology to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity for the client and to minimise costs.


We work to test, learn and change often to maximise the opportunity to improve the product and reduce wasted effort exploring wrong paths.


Establishing strong foundational truths is key to a good brand and the right product. We seek to define what the business stands for, its ambition and the needs of its customers, and build from there.


Understanding the customer is part of art but mostly science. We use data to understand who customers are, their needs, to be able to design everything around that. Data and data management are at the core of a mature approach to marketing and digital.


Our modern culture increasingly values authenticity as a core tenet of brands and businesses. We strive to present real people and real representations through digital to maintain a human touch. 


David Clune
Co-Founder & Strategic Manager

David is a leading creative producer and social media strategist, specialising in mobile-first video content and social media campaigns. His philosophy is centred on emotive content and is an innovator in engaging niche and broad audiences. 

He specialises in social media campaigns and content strategies, formulating content, split testing key messages and multi-channel distribution plans that push target audience down the marketing funnel to convert.

With 10+ years of experience in social media and content marketing, multi-platform production and storytelling is at the heart of all his work.

Kirty James

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Kirty runs the project management and operations of culture shock, specialising in the strategic implementation of our digital marketing projects. 

Her unique set of skills combines data analysis, research  and critical problem solving with psychology, resulting in tangible human behaviour insights that feedback into marketing strategies.

Previously Kirty has worked in Neuro-Behavioral psychology research, utilising a deep understanding of process, methodology and data analysis, before following her passion for digital and social media marketing.