Reconnecting the millennial generation with nature and NSW national parks.

The challenge

Research identified that a generation of young people were disconnected from nature as there was declining visitation to NSW national parks. The challenge was simple: reverse this trend. We were engaged to manage content from planning through production to publishing for the Young Adults Campaign, a major behaviour change initiative funded by a $4 million grant from  NSW Environmental Trust.

What we did

With the goal of re-engaging 18-35 year olds with nature and increasing visitation to national parks, we developed a content marketing function and campaign which was highly social and mobile focused. The strategy was to connect with young adults on the very devices we wanted them to put down in order to get outside and experience nature. 

We achieved this through a multi-pronged approach:

  • We built a multi-disciplinary content marketing function within NPWS using innovative Agile methodology and principles
  • We built an Instagram channel full of inspirational content based on cost effective user generated content
  • We established a community of writers, photographers and content contributors to develop content ongoing
  • We developed and executed an influencer strategy which authentically amplified the reach of NPWS 
  • Supported all of the above with full funnel paid media campaigns and BTL marketing

NSW National Parks also has a distinct focus on protecting and preserving Aboriginal culture. A key priority was building widespread appreciation and value in Aboriginal culture, as well as building the sense of ownership and pride in culture amongst communities. We worked in deep collaboration with Aboriginal communities and knowledge holders all across NSW in producing and promoting authentic and sensitive Aboriginal content and creative. This had the effect of contributing to both changing audiences perceptions and developing pride in younger Indigenous generations.


  • Our Facebook campaign reached 30M people, with 4.3M video views (an increase of 2,464%) and a total of 947k engagements  – A generation of NSW young adults has been re-engaged with nature and national parks.
  • We grew the Facebook follows to 120k (254% increase) in just 18 months
  • The campaign and content drove over 500k page views to the new NSW National Parks blog
  • We populated the new blog with over 40 engaging articles
  • We launched a brand new Instagram channel, which built an organic community of 50k active followers in only 18 months
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