case study - NSW Family and community services


Activating social media as a key community engagement channel

Brief / Challenge

With a limited social media presence, FACS required an ambitious yet pragmatic social media strategy to shift it from an ad hoc social media function and guide the organisation to industry best practice. With a history of social media activity for activity’s sake, FACS engaged us to develop a robust plan, evaluation framework and stakeholder engagement model to ensure the organisation was aligned. 


We planned a bespoke project that met the unique requirements of FACS through a three phased approach – Discover, Develop and Deliver. 

Discover – We interviewed stakeholders across the cluster, conducted landscape and content analyses and synthesised all inputs to develop a number of key insights and opportunity areas as inputs into strategy development. 

Develop – We co-designed strategic initiatives and roadmap which formed the strategic framework for the organisation’s path to social media maturity across content, campaigns, resources and  operations. The strategy balanced both audience needs and business objectives. We collaborated with the project team in order to validate work and thinking as well as ensure the strategy could be implemented with immediate effect.

We also built out a content and paid media strategy to provide social team with clear guidelines on best practice for FACS across content development, process, moderation and risk management, brand safety, paid media campaigns, community engagement and partnerships.


We refined and delivered the strategy, engaging again with FACS stakeholders to build their understanding of the purpose and potential of social media and align the organisation to the new strategy.


  • FACS social team business cased and secured additional funding for social
  • Tripled efficiency of paid media buy within two month
  • Implemented a new operational model aided by executing a change management plan