case study - Touchstone Life care



Creating sustainable growth for Australia’s ageing and end-of-life care innovator.

Brief / Challenge

With an ambition to revolutionise end of life care in Australia, Touchstone Life Care had a crystal clear vision and an innovative new Advance Care Plan product. But Touchstone lacked a marketing capability and was struggling to scale new active users. CEO Merran Cooper brough Culture Shock in with the challenge to rapidly and efficiently drive acquisition, while also building capability to set a strong foundation for all future marketing.


We began by deeply immersing ourselves in the company, the product and the target market, taking an end to end view to understand the key pain points for both the customers and the business. We found that as many older Australians were less digitally capable, the entire customer journey from awareness to product use needed to be simple, easy and intuitive. 

With a scope stretching from brand to digital, we rapidly brought TLC’s marketing from low maturity up to best practice by: 

  • Developed a new brand encompassing a new company name, brand identity, colour scheme, typography and tone of voice.
  • Brough the new brand to life, building it out into a full content strategy.
  • Redesigned the TLC website with the new brand, information architecture, content refresh of 60+ web pages and new UX/UI functionality. We worked in close collaboration with TLC’s existing website manager.
  • Optimised the path to purchase, making it simple and easy for users to sign up.
  • Refined key aspects of the digital Advance Care Plan product to make it easier for prospects to convert and complete their own Advance Care Plans, reducing the time required from 45+ minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Produced new video and image assets for use across marketing and website

Following this ground-up marketing rebuild, we developed and launched a social media focused campaign to reach and convert the primary audience. We created interested in audiences Australia wide through engaging video ads, retargeting traffic and viewers with action driving ads and assistance to convert. 

We optimised the campaign daily and throughout the campaign to ensure the best possible results and insights were applied through adaptation of the strategy and content. We worked closely with the client all the way through the project to ensure clarity and transparency on results and ROI.


  • 400% increase in conversions to complete Advance Care Plan product
  • 900% reduction in acquisition costs
  • New SaaS marketing technology stack which gave control to the client and key partners rather than agencies
  • Client’s marketing capability built from low maturity to a ‘brilliant basics’ level