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The trap (Domestic violence) podcast

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1.256 million people viewed the ad and 125k podcast downloads in 8 weeks

Brief / Challenge

To drive listeners and subscribers to a podcast series about domestic violence that consisted of 11 episodes over an 8 week period.

What We Did

We began by deeply immersing ourselves in the organisation, the podcast and the target market, taking an end to end view to understand the key pain points for both the listeners and the topic. We found that a podcast series about domestic violence was going to have a triggering impact on listeners and that we had to carefully select the words used in the ad copy and videos. We also had to carefully moderate the conversations that occurred around the ads.

How We Did It

We developed and executed a FB and IG lead generation ad campaign that utilised high quality “hero” videos as well as a series of high-quality images of the key participants who appeared in the podcasts. We created an ad funnel using a top, middle re-targeting approach to push an engaged target audience through the user journey from the ad to the podcast landing page. We then kept this engaged target audience aware of each new episode as it was released. Viewers of the ad were converted into podcast listeners and subscribers.


  • Impressions: 1.256 million
  • All-time downloads:  125K
  • All- time unique listeners: 71K
  • Of the total downloads: 88.9% were in Australia however downloads occurred in 10 countries worldwide.
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