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The issue:

TLC had an innovative new product active in the market, but was struggling to scale its active users. 

What we did:

We brought marketing from low maturity to a best practice function, refreshing the brand, redesigning the website and purchase journey before launching a multi channel digital marketing campaign. 

We rapidly grew the user base cost efficiently, ensuring sustainable future growth for the business.


  • Campaign growth 400% above previous levels
  • 900% reduction in acquisition costs
  • New SaaS marketing tech stack which gave control to the client and key partners rather than agencies

NSW Family and Community Services


The issue:

With a legacy of social media activity for activity’s sake, FACS engaged us to develop a new strategy and operational model for social media.

What we did:

We interviewed stakeholders across the cluster, conducted landscape and content analyses and synthesised all inputs to develop a strategy that balanced audience needs with business objectives and capabilities.


  • Strategy and operational model endorsed and implemented
  • New budget secured to effectively resource social
  • Ongoing program initiated to build stakeholder knowledge and capability
National Parks

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

Large scale content marketing campaign

 Culture Shock was responsible for planning and production of all content for the Young Adults Campaign, a four year multi-million dollar behaviour change effort. The ambition was to reconnect young adults with nature and national parks.

We took an audience-led approach, developing social and mobile first content including:

  • A microsite with over 40 articles and photography
  • Aboriginal content developed in partnership with communities and knowledge holders
  • Over 5 individual video series across key themes


  • Positive visitation growth following years of decline
  • Record social media followings for NPWS accounts
  • Over 40 million reach within 1 year


Victorian Women’s Trust

The Trap – Domestic Violence Podcast

1.256 million people viewed the ad and 125k podcast downloads in 8 weeks

Brief / Challenge

To drive listeners and subscribers to a podcast series about domestic violence that consisted of 11 episodes over an 8 week period.

What We Did

We began by deeply immersing ourselves in the organisation, the podcast and the target market, taking an end to end view to understand the key pain points for both the listeners and the topic. We found that a podcast series about domestic violence was going to have a triggering impact on listeners and that we had to carefully select the words used in the ad copy and videos. We also had to carefully moderate the conversations that occurred around the ads.

How We Did It

We developed and executed a FB and IG lead generation ad campaign that utilised high quality “hero” videos as well as a series of high-quality images of the key participants who appeared in the podcasts. We created an ad funnel using a top, middle re-targeting approach to push an engaged target audience through the user journey from the ad to the podcast landing page. We then kept this engaged target audience aware of each new episode as it was released. Viewers of the ad were converted into podcast listeners and subscribers.


  • Impressions: 1.256 million
  • All-time downloads:  125K
  • All- time unique listeners: 71,024
  • Of the total downloads: 88.93% were in Australia however downloads occurred in 10 countries worldwide.
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